Millcreek Community

Enjoy Millcreek Living
Millcreek offers a variety of styles and designs which provide all that you want in a new home. The combination of an ideal location, proximity to amenities and family friendly designs will meet your needs for years to come.

A charming country setting that borders the Historic Babcock Mill and the Millhaven Creek.

Millcreek is a tribute to the original homestead that was renamed to Odessa in 1855 to commemorate the siege by the British Fleet.

Take advantage of all its offerings and enjoy peaceful walks, a morning jog or a leisurely stroll with the children to the beautiful nearby parks.

This new community has much to offer, walking distance to both elementary and high schools, a short 10 minute drive to Cataraqui Town Center and nearby access to the 401 highway. With local amenities and country charm, there is no comparison…

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Shane Ruys

Phone: 613-545-7355

Toll-Free: 1-877-213-1223


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Our local agent in Kingston:

Shane Ruys

Phone: 613-545-7355

Toll-Free: 1-877-213-1223


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The Dogwood 1589 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

Dogwood A Elevation

Dogwood B Elevation

The Dogwood Floorplan

The Oak 1667 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Oak A Elevation

The Oak B Elevation

The Oak Floorplan

The Birch 1760 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

Birch A Elevation

Birch B Elevation

The Birch Floorplan

The Hickory 1070 sq.ft

3 Bed , 1 Bath

Hickory A Elevation

Hickory B Elevation

The Hickory Floorpan

The Pine 1936 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Pine A Elevation

The Pine b Elevation

The Pine Floorpan

The Spruce 1113 sq.ft

2 Bed , 2 Bath

Spruce A Elevation

Spruce B Elevation

The Spruce Floorplan

The Willow 1516 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

Willow A Elevation

Willow B Elevation

The Willow Floorplan

The Poplar 1344 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Poplar A Elevation

The Poplar B Elevation

The Poplar Floorpan

The Dogwood 1589 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Dogwood A Elevation

The Dogwood B Elevation

The Dogwood Floorplan

The Oak 1748 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Oak A Elevation

The Oak Floorplan

The Evergreen 1698 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Evergreen Elevation A

The Evergreen Elevation B

The Evergreen Floorplan

The Magnolia 2089 sq.ft

4 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Magnolia A Elevation

The Magnolia B Elevation

The Magnolia Floorplan

The Juniper 1039 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2.5 Bath

The Juniper A Elevation

The Juniper B Elevation

The Juniper Floorplan

The Maple 1089 sq.ft

2 Bed , 2 Bath

The Maple A Elevation

The Maple B Elevation

The Maple Floorplan

The Walnut 1200 sq.ft

3 Bed , 2 Bath

The Walnut A Elevation

The Walnut B Elevation

The Walnut Floorplan


  • BCIN Certified Construction Drawings
  • Poured concrete footings and foundation
  • 2 x 6 Exterior Walls on 16 inch centers
  • Engineered Roof Trusses with Eng. Stamped approvals
  • Steel beams and posts in accordance with Eng. Design
  • Poured 4 in .32 MPA garage floor
  • Tongue and Groove subfloor screwed and glued
  • Poured concrete basement floor machined trawled
  • 2×8 floor joist/Engineered joist system as per plan


  • Versetta stone where shown on plans
  • Maintenance free Vinyl Siding (horizontal on side and rear elevations, board and batten on front) from builder samples
  • Matching Soffit, Facia, and eaves trough
  • Architectural shingles with manufacturers warranty
  • High quality LOW E Maintenance free energy star rated windows
  • Insulated patio doors
  • Insulated embossed colonial style metal front door
  • Raised sectional steel overhead roll up garage door
  • Satin Chrome/brushed nickel grip set with dead bolt on front door
  • Other doors as per plan satin/brushed nickel deadbolt and knob
  • All locks keyed alike
  • Landscaped with sod


  • White Plumbing Fixtures
  • UFL water saving toilets and insulated tanks
  • High quality single lever faucets in bathrooms
  • Scald guard and pressure balanced faucets in showers/tubs
  • One Piece high quality tub/shower in bathroom (as per plan)
  • Tubs and Tub decks as per plan
  • Rough in for clothes washer and dryer
  • Double Stainless steel sinks in Kitchen
  • High quality kitchen single lever faucet
  • Two frost free exterior hose bibs
  • Three piece rough in for future basement bathroom


  • 100 AMP Electrical Service – Copper wiring throughout
  • Combined Interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide detector on each level
  • White decora light switches throughout
  • Ceiling light fixtures in all rooms
  • Satin chrome/Brushed Nickel Vanity lights in bathroom
  • Dining room light outlet capped for future fixture
  • Exterior Light package at front and rear and garage doors
  • Weather proof outlets at front and rear of house
  • Ceiling electric outlet(s) for future garage door opener(s)


  • Complete air barrier construction to minimize heat loss
  • H.R.A.I Certified duct design and heat loss calculations
  • High Efficiency forced air gas furnace
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation System
  • High efficiency Water Heater (rental)
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Dryer exhaust pipe vented to outdoors
  • Energy rated exterior doors and windows
  • Exterior openings sealed
  • RS0 Insulated Attic
  • Ducts sized for future air conditioning


  • Colonial Style Baseboards, window casements, and door trims
  • Choice of High quality Vinyl flooring from builders samples in c wet areas
  • Choice of High quality Laminates from Builder Samples in mair living areas. Color Choice of 40 oz broadloom in bedrooms
  • Professionally designed Kitchen with choice of cabinets and arborite counter tops from builders samples
  • Quality satin chrome/brushed nickel door hardware
  • Pre finished shelving and rods in closet
  • High quality semi-gloss white paint on trim

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Features and Specifications as described apply only where shown on plans. All plans and specifications are subject to modification from time to time at the sole discretion of the vendor. Exterior elevations will be similar to renderings shown but not necessarily identical. Substitutions made by vendor will be subject to the terms and conditions of Tarion. Exterior elevations, front porches are subject to changes created by grade conditions and/or architectural control. E. & O.E. Sept 2016