Choosing between renting and buying a home is a significant decision for many Canadians. A new report examines 26 markets across the country, revealing whether it’s generally cheaper to rent or own a home in 2024. This analysis uses the latest data to guide potential renters and buyers.

Comparative Analysis: The study analyzes average rent prices from December and compares them with mortgage costs, assuming a 20% down payment and a fixed five-year rate of 4.84% over 25 years. This approach helps identify whether renting or buying is more economical in various Canadian cities.


  • Cost Efficiency: In markets like Winnipeg, buying is slightly cheaper than renting, with average monthly costs showing minimal differences.
  • Rental and Ownership Costs: The study provides a detailed comparison of monthly expenses for renters and homeowners, including potential savings or costs associated with each option.

Market Trends: The analysis highlights trends affecting the real estate market, including the influence of new developments and economic factors on housing costs.

Conclusion: This report offers valuable insights into the rent vs. buy debate in Canada, helping you understand the financial benefits and challenges of each housing option. For those looking to make a move in the housing market, considering both current and projected costs is crucial.

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