Finding Affordable Cities in Ontario
Buying a home in Ontario can feel impossible due to high prices. Ontario is the second-most expensive province in Canada, with an average home price of $900,161. Despite a recent surge in new listings, prices have dropped by 0.9% since April 2023.

High-cost cities like Toronto, King, and Oakville overshadow more affordable areas. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the most affordable cities in Ontario.

Many Canadians are leaving Ontario for cheaper regions, but some are still searching for affordable homes within the province. We analyzed data for 97 cities and ranked them to find the most affordable.

3 Most Affordable Large Cities in Ontario
Large cities offer more services, jobs, and amenities. Here are the top three affordable large cities:

Nepean, next to Ottawa, has a population of 186,000. It offers easy commuting to Ottawa and Kanata. Nepean is family-friendly, with great schools, parks, and shopping.

Kanata, also near Ottawa, is known for its tech park. Companies like Nokia and Cisco have offices here. The average household income is $146,600. Kanata also hosts the Ottawa Senators’ games and concerts.

Canada’s capital is still affordable. Ottawa offers green spaces, a great transit system, and a low crime rate. Despite having over one million residents, it’s less crowded than Toronto.

3 Most Affordable Medium Cities in Ontario
Medium-sized cities (30,000-100,000 people) offer a balance of affordability and amenities.

Thunder Bay
Located in Northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay offers green spaces, health services, universities, and shopping. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the hiking trails and parks.

Woodstock has about 46,000 residents. It features unique museums, antique malls, art galleries, and restaurants. It’s also close to Hamilton and Toronto.

Stratford, known for its festival and Victorian architecture, is great for artists. It also offers programs in business and digital arts and job opportunities in manufacturing, tech, and tourism.

3 Most Affordable Small Cities in Ontario
Small cities are family-friendly and affordable.

Carleton Place
West of Ottawa, Carleton Place has hiking trails and walking paths. It’s a 25-minute commute to Kanata and 40 minutes to Ottawa, providing access to schools, hospitals, and shopping.

In Southwestern Ontario, Tillsonburg combines rural and urban living. It hosts community events like TurtleFest and is close to Toronto Pearson Airport.

Located in the Ottawa Valley, Arnprior has 11,305 residents. It offers jobs in hydropower, aerospace, and farming. The nearby rivers are perfect for fishing and boating.

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