Buying a new home is exciting, but it comes with risks. That’s where a Tarion Warranty steps in, offering essential protection for your investment. Here’s why you need it.

What is a Tarion Warranty?
Tarion Warranty Corporation provides warranty coverage for new homes in Ontario. This coverage ensures builders meet quality standards and protects homeowners from defects.

Key Benefits 

Defect Coverage: Tarion covers defects in work and materials, including construction, electrical, and plumbing issues.
Deposit Protection: Your deposits are safe. Tarion ensures financial protection if the builder doesn’t fulfill their obligations.
Delayed Closing Compensation: Get compensated for construction delays, preventing financial strain.
Structural Defects Coverage: Enjoy coverage for major structural defects for up to seven years.
Builder Accountability: Builders must meet high standards and fix any issues that arise.

Why Insist on a Tarion Warranty?
Peace of Mind: Sleep easy knowing your home is protected against defects.
Investment Protection: Your home is a significant investment. Tarion safeguards it by ensuring issues are promptly fixed.
Higher Resale Value: Homes with a Tarion Warranty attract more buyers and often sell for a higher price.
Legal Recourse: If disputes arise, Tarion provides a clear resolution process, protecting your rights.

A Tarion Warranty is essential for new homeowners. It offers protection, peace of mind, and helps maintain your home’s value. Make sure your new home comes with it and enjoy the confidence it brings.

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