Golden Falcon Homes – Building Your Dreams

Welcome to Golden Falcon Homes.
Returning the greatest value to our customers is our first priority. That’s why Golden Falcon Homes uses only the highest quality materials with the most effective building techniques. Our end-goal is to ensure that our residential and commercial structures and communities are highly attractive and sustainable to offer the ultimate home-buying experience.

Strength & Integrity

At Golden Falcon Homes, we build structures and communities that are beautiful and stand the test of time. We use only the highest quality materials and effective trade techniques to ensure optimum security and durability. We stand behind the houses we build. Even our very own family members, friends and valued employees live and thrive in them on a daily basis. Our care and attention extends to our customers just as much. You’re in safe hands with us.

Functionality & Efficiency

Golden Falcon Homes optimizes functionality and efficiency for each home that is built. Our building plans are created with aesthetic eyes and laid out with intelligent minds, from exterior to interior development. We follow our blueprints with precision. We build low to high density residential and commercial properties incorporating cutting-edge design and optimal living spaces. Utilizing your brand new home to its very maximum potential is essential to returning to you the greatest value.

Understanding Our Customers

You want to live well and enjoy your brand new property with the peace of mind you deserve. That’s why Golden Falcon Homes ensures your home-buying experience and final results are a worry-free and enjoyable experience from start to finish. So listening to your needs and requirements is crucial, as we take excellent measures to understand each case by case requirement. Living life to the fullest in our communities includes enjoying easy access to public transportation, natural surroundings, schools and shopping amenities.

Affordable & Worry-Free Purchasing

When you purchase a Golden Falcon Home, we want you to experience the greatest value and peace of mind possible. That’s why we’ve created a low payment deposit structure and financing options. Affordable and worry-free purchasing with no hidden costs is an honest practice Golden Falcon Homes is proud to live by. We guide you through the buying process transparently, with upfront disclosure of all existing costs and all of our wonderful benefits. It’s that simple and easy with us.

What You Can Always Expect From Us:

  • Attractive, Safe & Sustainable Homes
  • Highest Quality Materials & Building Techniques Used
  • Optimized Functionality & Efficiency
  • Leading-Edge Designs & Well-Designed Living Spaces
  • Easy Access to Public Transportation, Schools, Shopping
  • Impeccable Customer Service & Solid Communication
  • Honesty & Transparency in All Matters
  • Easy, Affordable & Worry-Free Purchasing